Toyota: Philosophy Hurts Productivity and Profits

Toyota exec says that North American metal stamping operations are lagging. There is a lot of talk about quick changeover, etc., but ultimately the problem comes down to adopting a certain philosophy about manufacturing and then adapting that mindset within the workplace.

Not to say I told you so, but well...this is what a lot of Lean practitioners struggle with on an ongoing basis. Getting top management to understand that the real problem behind change is LITERALLY bound within a few maxims:

1) We have been sold a lemon in our management education system.

2) Modern management theory is based on a philosophy that is 100 years old. Incidentally, pull systems were described in great detail 93 years ago, in a fantastic book titled, Installing Efficiency Methods. You can find it in my Google library at the TWI Service website.

3) Resentment of criticism and resistance to change. How can 100 years of American business be wrong? Plus, we all shelled out a ton of dough for that MBA. I'm not about to buck the system now!

Here is the link to the full story.

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