The Zombie Chronicles

JFK - 3:14 am - Apparently New York had bad weather today. My scheduled flight of 12:20pm out of Raleigh didn't leave until 10:00pm. By the time I arrived at JFK, my flight home to Vermont was cancelled. I could have been in China by now.

I've never seen this many people in Terminal 5 before. There are no hotels available within 45 minute drive and $100 of round trip cab fare. Avis quoted $400 per day for a one way rental with a minimum two day agreement. Yes, $400.

So, I found another flight tomorrow and entered the ranks of the Terminal 5 Zombie gang. There are probably about 150 of us wandering around, playing cards, swearing at sudoku puzzles, catching up on email, or trying to steal an hour or two of sitting sleep.

Me? I can't sleep, I'm bored and then realized I was hungry. When I get bored, I get into trouble. At some point along the way, I decided it would be a good idea to sample every single item in the CIBO all-night salad bar. Folks, my job is to make these mistakes for you, so that you don't make them in the future.

As I proudly sat with my concoction, I suddenly had about four seconds of clarity and snapped this photo of my midnight snack, a digital reminder that I have more bad ideas than good. But don't blame me for trying! Keypoint: cottage cheese, egg salad, chick peas, pesto tortellinis, mozeralla and marinated mushrooms aren't supposed to go together! But like I said, I was bored, so I ate it like a good zombie would.



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