Changing Culture with TWI Skills

Reliable Plant has a featured article by Maureen Conway. Ms. Conway has been involved with TWI for a number of years now. She has provided keen insight by way of case studies at the TWI Summit. If you can get to Cincinatti in May, please do so and make sure you block some time to talk with Maureen about how TWI can help your organization develop your people.

I would add one critical key points for those of you who take the time to read through Ms. Conway's article and upcoming series on TWI and Lean culture:

Ms. Conway states: "Survey results have shown that top-down support for a TWI implementation roll-out is critical."

The premise here is that by engaging top management in Management Overview Sessions we get buy-in. In my experience this gets good results, but it rarely gets commitment to the development of skills. Management Overview Sessions often get top management engaged because they see the potential for results. Let me make this very clear: TWI programs are designed to provide a robust PROCESS for management to develop their peoples' continuous improvement skills. A result is ROI and a changed culture. To be concise, management needs to KNOW the TWI skills, by first learning them, so that they can EFFECTIVELY teach others. This is real commitment.

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