Keypoints in Ergo Design

Keypoints make all the difference in how something is done effortlessly and correctly.

Designing things and how people interact with them are no different. Take for example the design of a car. How many of you still guess at which side of the car your gas cap is on? How many of you do it while you are driving into the gas lot? O.k., this is pretty standard on most cars nowadays. I still forget to look for the little arrow on the dash, and it is even more important when you are driving a different rental car every week.

Other small keypoints: how do you open your door? Do your knees hit the steering wheel? These are things we don't really think about, but auto interior engineers have made a career out of this - and they should. Cars are pretty much the same now - it is the attention to detail - the keypoints that will make all the difference in how consumers perceive value in the days ahead.

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