TWI Problem Solving Manual Status - Handouts and Forms - Coming Soon!

Since I've uploaded the long lost Problem Solving manuals from TWI Inc. a few weeks ago, I've received numerous emails from TWI Service visitors asking "where can I get the handouts and forms?" Great question and I have a great answer...they are coming soon to TWI Service...just as soon as I get them scanned and uploaded.

All of the materials from WHRS were provided to me in hardcopy form, so this means that to get these converted into PDF I need to apply a couple of key points for your benefit:

Get them scanned, cropped and reduced for your convenience, so that downloads are not tragically slow and are usable.

Also, Jeff Maling is helping out with some of this work with his bulk scanning capabilities, so I hope to have new PST manual links uploaded to reduce the wait times while you download the eight sessions.

All in due time, good things are worth waiting for!



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