The Devil is in the Details

Process improvement, not matter what ANYONE tells you, is about learning to see the details of the job. Download this excell 2003 spread sheet from TWI Service. It is a Guess the Movie game, which is a really cool idea. Think you know movies? You need to know the details.

Here is the rule: the people are removed from the screenshots of well known movies. Guess the movie the screen shot is from by typing the name of the movie in the first line under the screen shot. It's that simple! Spelling counts!

This would be a fun way to illustrate the point that we tend to overlook the details of everyday things. In the same way we watch a movie without paying attention to the details, colors, sets, etc., we tend to do the same thing in manufacturing...like making an improvement while overlook the details that make up the job.

Have fun and please share!



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