TWI Summit & Job Instruction - Update

Well, the 2nd Annual TWI Summit is in the past and we can look forward to another year of learning, leading up to next year's Summit! There was an incredible interest in Job Instruction - fueled by the great case studies presented by Job Instruction users from all around the country. If you are inspired to try out Job Instruction, you will need some wire and a terminal in order to put on a great demonstration of the JI four step method. There is a great wire source on the web for some authentic cotton braided wire. Making your demonstration authentic helps pass the skill of instruction as believable and helps in avoiding the typical "we're different" response to TWI J programs.

You can use a new old stock plug from Sundial Wire, or you can also go to the hardware store and pick up an old style table lamp socket shell for a few bucks. Please remember that I'm not an electrician and do not recommend that you use this in your home. But the lamp socket looks like the old style that hang from a garage or closet ceiling - so it's something people recognize and it serves the purpose of stating the importance and safety behind the job of tying the knot.

I tell the trainee that "our sockets find their way into army barracks and submarines. Nobody wants a fire on a submarine 400 feet under the water. So, before you learn the final assembly of this socket, you need to learn the most important job, the fire underwriter's knot." Once assembled with about a one foot strand of wire, you can actually show your trainee in the demonstration the finished product. It's a great way to demonstrate how to "put the trainee" at ease and "state the importance of the job.



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