How to Run a Kaizen Event

I recently saw this ad for a workshop in a leading industry newsletter:

“If your Lean program isn't delivering the results you expect, it could be because your practitioners are struggling with running effective Lean Kaizen events.”

Well, I hate to rain on somebody’s parade, but this “How to do Lean” song has been played one too many times. Here are some other reasons your Lean program isn’t delivering the results you expected; don’t expect to find a workshop for them anytime soon because it will put the workshop people out of business:

“If your Lean program isn’t delivering the results you expect…”

“…it could be because you swallowed the mainstream notion that the 'Lean Journey' is simply a long series of Kaizen Events.”

“…it could be because you rely on a Lean department to solve your management problems.”

“…it could be because you never follow-up with people and look to coach for the next problem solving opportunity.”

“…it could be because you have no standards…for anything.”

“…it could be because you predetermine Kaizen Event outcomes and are outwardly dissappointed when those are not realized.”

“…it could be because you tell people what to do when faced with problems instead of asking them what they can do.”

“…it could be because Lean is treated like a project.”

“…it could be because you have too many managers and not one leader to be found.”

“…it could be because you erroneously rely on short term results from workshops as a measure of success.”

“…it could be you look to outside influences to solve your problems and not look within.”

“…it could be because you judge and blame others for the current situation.”

“…it could be because you blindly apply Lean tools, instead of adapting to your environment.”

Any others you would like to share?

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At May 30, 2009 at 1:46 AM , Blogger Jason Yip said...

Not really following your format but I immediately thought one of the items should be:

"...ask why."

At June 5, 2009 at 10:27 AM , Anonymous john crossan said...

Great listing. We obsess over using mechanisms and solving particular problems, versus using issues to routinely develop ownership and capability

At November 17, 2015 at 6:50 AM , Blogger Unknown said...

Nice sharing dear but I think the actual problem arises when ever we need to apply Kaizen Training in the business, because mejority of time this isn't give its best response untill or unless the top management isn't willing to work on this..


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