Kaizen in Government

Is kaizen possible in government such as our republic? I've been thinking about this lately, and the best I can come up with for a foundation of how kaizen would work in government starts with the following: how to involve people. In this case, how to involve the the citizens of the government.

So, to the best of my knowledge, kaizen comes in two very high level forms - 1) small, daily incremental improvements and 2) radical, large improvements.

We are seeing small daily changes happen before our eyes; it is debatable if the changes are improvements. That is a matter of opinion. Regardless of your political leanings, most, if not all of these changes do not involve us as decision makers, unless we are lobbyists. No, our "small" kaizen involvement happens in the voting booth. But that doesn't happen every four years now does it? No, it happens everyday around the country: at the state, county, city, town and village level. You CAN be involved if you want to.

What about the "big" kaizen involvement for citizens? I'm afraid we weren't invited to that meeting. In fact, the last time we crashed that party was around the late 1700s, right?

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