TWI Roadshow with Don Dinero

Looks like folks in Indiana get a chance to spend some quality face time with a great TWI master, Don Dinero. Many TWI Blog readers know that Don trained me in Job Instruction and Job Methods a few years ago. I've met few people that have a deep understanding about TWI like Don does, he doesn't feel that this is just another Lean training program, but a way to get people to think and behave Lean.

Don takes TWI program standardization to the next level - his TWI J programs are very standardized, but like anything else in this world, a teacher that is passionate about teaching serves his students well and knows how to adapt to different industries and situations while improving the overall program.

Don brings his life and Lean work experiences into the training, so that students can see how easy it is to apply the J-skills accordingly. An optional "deep dive" lunch is on the itinerary as well; this is no surprise as Don can't stop thinking TWI!

If you get a chance to attend this great opportunity, I highly recommend you do so with Don.

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