Measuring Lean Results - Re-coupling HR & Production

In lean, we are used to measuring tangible things: distance traveled, inventory, number of steps, defects and suggestions. I often get questions about how HR can apply lean thinking to their job.

A simple example comes from the TWI Job Relations program:

"Wonder what the people who say JR benefits are intangible, will think of this: 'We were able to reduce the frequency of our greivances by at least 25% and the severity by 90%. We have applied the term frequency to the number of grievances which reached Step 2 of our grievance procedure, and severity to those which reached Step 4 of our greivance procedure. Following the introduction of JR, we experienced a period of six months without one greivance coming to Step 4."

And another from the TWI Job Instruction program:

As to training through JI, "50% production increases, cost reduction of 20%, reaching of production efficiency in from 10% to 75% less time"

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