Toyota - Who's Going to Play with Me?

From CNN Money online: Why Toyota wants GM to be saved.

This article is fairly predictable, but gives you some idea that makes you wonder: has Toyota thought about the problem of not having competition? The whole DNA of the company is geared around looking for problems and then doing everything they can to not let those problems arise through preventative countermeasures. If GM is out of the picture - what problems will this pose?

Surely, a downturn in the economy is affecting them but with less effect due to their strategy to free up cash for the long haul. But with your biggest competitor gone? To start, capacity will be way off...the remaining competitors will either need to scramble to pick it up or hold off depending on economic conditions.

The U.S. market is the largest for the "Other Three", Toyota, Honda and Nissan. It stands to reason that they do not want the economy to slow down any further as well, which will undoubtedly happen if GM and Chrysler can't pick themselves up or get a bailout from us. I imagine the sensitivity of their systems will be amplified and large changes will need to occur within the "Other Three". I can imagine some further capacity shifts, similar to moving the Tundra capacity and filling it with Prius production earlier this year. Any other ideas out there?

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