Workforce training and education problems

Link to article on national workforce and education problems - http://www.workforce.com/section/11/feature/25/70/56/index.html

The keypoint in this article is "inertia", particularly the political type. This is why TWI thinking is so important for industry. Industry alone can fix its problems, yes even education if we set our mind to it. C'mon folks. When Dollar General has trouble hiring people for retail stores, we have a horrific national education problem.

Given the fact that "middle-skills" are in higher demand in the coming years, industry can see an easy partnership with vocational high schools and technical colleges. By prepping students and conditioning them for the different world of industry, new employees can be better prepared, overall costs can be reduced over the long term.

We CAN wait around for the government to do something. Will we like the result? When the government stops long enough to get off their hands, the only thing we will see is more political back-biting and finger pointing. Industry can't control the current situation, but it can adapt to it.

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