Follow Up to "Genba or Gemba?"

Here are some additional book sources (in italics) that use the word genba vs. gemba. My comments follow each listing.

The New Shop Floor Management. by Suzaki. (Genba Kanri is the reference here.)

Taiichi Ohno’s Workplace Management, by Taichii Ohno. (Originally published under the title as OHNO TAIICHI NO GENBA KEIEI. For some reason, the rest of the book uses the word gemba. I wonder if the reason for this is that the publisher's name is Gemba Press? I'm not sure.)

Design Team Revolution, by Sekine, Kenichi & Arai, Keisuke. (The authors describe in some detail the "sangen concept" or the "three gen’s" – genba, genbutsu, genjitsu on Pgs. 129-130)

The Evolution of a Manufacturing System at Toyota, Fujimoto. (Fujimoto uses the term genba)



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