Lean Thinking in Politics

Regarding news, Lean is in the headlines within our congressional offices. The Oral B story helps communicate the need for continuous improvement strategies as a piece of the global economic puzzle. One particular arm of the government helps promote Lean through state and federal grants: The NIST MEP network. The Vermont MEP group has been an incredible benefit to Vermont manufacturers. Read what is on the desks of your congressional representative. Do you think they will get it? If not, make sure they hear all about it and write to them about how lean can help the U.S. compete on a global level.

The parallel here of course is the TWI Service created by the government in 1941. I can't prove it, but as far as I know, the TWI Service is the ONLY government agency to receive an "Industry Award", that is, where taxpayers offered an award of excellence to a government program!

If anyone knows of any other government program receiving similar accolades, please mention them here. I'm curious to see if my claim is true.



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