"I'm Very Comfortable"

So says Ron Gettelfinger, the U.A.W.'s President, as Chrysler enters bankruptcy and the U.A.W.'s VEBA fund, guaranteed by the Treasury a.k.a. the American Taxpayers' Grandchildren's Hyperinflation Tax, will claim 55% of the equity in the company once it emerges from bankruptcy. "Very Comfortable?" Really?

In the world of continuous improvement we know one thing: change requires some level of discomfort or perhaps an even better word may be: dissatisfaction. I wonder how dissatisfied the U.A.W. is with the situation. One also wonders what level of change will come to Chrysler as the U.A.W. gets even more "comfortable" with its newly acquired seat on the board of Chrysler.

Any takers on success of continuous improvement in the New Chrysler?


At May 3, 2009 at 10:02 AM , Anonymous Sean Jordan said...

This is not really related, except for the context of leadership. CNBC has a slideshow on their homepage for the top 20 worse executives of all time. It was fun to see. The man who turned around Chrysler in the 80s made the list...


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