TWI Service Update - Japan Reports and Learn by Doing

As the newly designed TWI Service website evolves, part of that process is migrating files from the old site to the new. On the TWI Service Links page, here you will find categories of useful files and links.

Today's updates include four TWI reports: the two TWI Service government reports and the TWI, Inc. reports from Japan, dated 1951 and '56.

Please be aware that the final TWI Service report from 1945 is a super sized file, +17 MB, so be patient while it downloads. When I get a few minutes, I'll run it through compression and perhaps break it into smaller pieces if necessary.

One last note, my permission files are on the fritz, so those of you who have tried to email me through the TWI Service have done so in vain. I apologize, if you need to email me, please use the following address: bryan [AT] trainingwithinindustry [DOT] net



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