Toyota Pedal Problems Not Solved

More Toyota drama...a Prius reached speeds of over 90mph on a California Highway. The driver tried to pull the floor mat away from the pedal. The floor mat he received a recall on, but claims he was turned away from the dealer. The driver's account of passing a car just before the pedal stuck in this AP story gives us a new clue as to what is happening..."it did something kind of funny... it jumped and it just stuck there."

Uh-oh. A defective friction pad, the original recall culprit, can't make the pedal move on its own can it? A professor claims he can replicate the speed increase by manipulating the electronics, but Toyota claims that they can replicate the same effect in other vehicles made by different manufacturers. I have to say though, a pedal that jumps away from your foot sounds like what it would feel like when the cruise control engages. Maybe there is more to the electronics problem than Toyota is letting on...

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