It's a Waste Free Christmas Season, Charlie Brown!

I love Christmas. And since Halloween is over, the Christmas season has unofficially begun. (I heard the all Christmas song radio station this weekend.) AAAAGGGHHH!

There is a lot of inherent waste when its comes to Christmas. Return gifts in the subsequent days after the big day come to mind. With all that said, I don't have any strong feelings about some of the silly things that go along with the season - (like playing Silent Night 480,000 times in two months.)

There are two things that come to mind though and they aren't really Christmas' fault so we can rail on them for a moment:

1) The inevitable and annual Stepping on a Lego in the Middle of the Night event,

2) Packaging! You know what I mean. All of the joy in gift giving results in 15 trash bags of cheap cardboard nobody will recycle, enough blister packs to mold a new trunk lid for a Saturn Vue, 1,500 "anti-theft" steel twisty ties, several lacerations and one missing tooth!!!

Amazon has recognized consumers "wrap rage" is launching some new waste-free-packaging products through their "Frustration-Free" products. Check it out. When its time to open presents, you can skip the need for wire cutters, blowtorches, safety goggles and band-aids this year. Plus you can do your part to reduce landfill waste.

There are customer pictures and videos of gift opening mishaps at this site as well, and you can even upload your own.



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