WWII Aviation Museum

I'm in the heart of North Carolina this week for some 5S sessions. I spent some downtime at the North Carolina Aviation Museum in Asheboro. This is a great local attraction if you are in town and gives you a chance to appreciate the experience of our country's heroes. One thing you can appreciate is the amount of work and dedication members and volunteers have put into the great exhibits of U.S., German and Japanese soldier memorabilia. For adults, the restored aircraft is the highlight of the museum. For kids, they will love model aircraft hanging in the museum entrance. I have to admit, I spent about thirty minutes admiring the handiwork of U.S. Navy veteran Bob Moon, who painstakingly perfected the smallest details on all 115 models!

One related TWI exhibit was the Rosie the Riveter ephemera. There were several other training guides for maintenance, flight, controls, etc. For gearheads, you will love the radial and jet engines on display.

For a few bucks admission and a couple of hours, you can learn a little about WWII aviation history and other signs of the time while getting out of the heat! This Vermonter is thankful!



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