New and improved TWI Service Website!

O.k., since the TWI Service site started having problems with the new release of Firefox 3, I had to get to the bottom of it. Here is the bottom line: IE doesn't really like web standards.

So for all of you standard work zealots like me out there: the new website passes CSS and strict XHTML web standards. I had to learn CSS, HTML and XHTML over the past couple of weeks, so bear with me as the new site is under re-construction!

Here is the good news along with the changes:

1) All of the manuals are easily available with no broken links that I can detect:

  • Job Instruction
  • Job Methods
  • Job Relations + Union Job Relations
  • Job Safety
  • Problem Solving
  • Program Development
  • Management Training

2) About 80% of traffic comes from bookmarks. Visitors please make note of this: all file extensions have been converted to strict XHTML. What that means is that in the past, a file might end with .htm - now it will end with .html

3) Hopefully improved navigation. The layout is a newer version of a three column layout, with content on the left, navigation in the middle and third party content on the right. Third party content helps pay for the cost of keeping the site up, so anything you and your business can do to support the online TWI effort is much appreciated.

4) There are some elements of the site that will be under construction this fourth of July Weekend. Please be patient with me. Email will be back up on Monday, July 7. Other elements of the site under construction this weekend:

  • Email
  • Links/resources
  • Bookstore
  • About
  • Historical Archives (manuals and materials are the exception)
  • Kaizen

Thanks everyone for your patience. Many people have been extremely helpful in providing feedback on resolutions, broken links, etc. This webmaster novice appreciates your feedback and patience with my learning curve.

The good news is this: this site should be supported by nearly all browsers including IE, Mozilla, Safari, Opera, Konqueror. It has been tested in IE 5, 6, 7, & Firefox 2, 3.

Please provide feedback via comments on this post!


Bryan Lund


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