TWI Blog is back from Vacation!

The Lund & Clarke family had a fantastic week in Acadia, ME. I was a little frightened about black fly horror stories prior to the trip, but the swarms of pests never really materialized. Beautiful weather, lots of mountain biking, hiking, swimming, canoeing and of course, don’t forget lobstah!

One of the things I noticed about Mount Desert Island is that many permanent residents are sprinkled around the periphery of the national park. This understandably leads to parking and trespassing problems: tourists stop in somebody’s driveway to take a photo of Seal Cove for example. Here is our shot of Seal Cove from Bald Mountain - no trespassing required:

Nevertheless, trespassing is pretty easy to achieve with the meandering, often unmarked, borders between public and private land. An occasional map check revealed that we were passing from one to the next within minutes, especially easy to do on bike. It wasn't always clear whether we were on public or private land. There was no question however at the bottom of Bald Mountain; I immediately thought of clear visual rules through 5S, when I saw this sign tacked to the front of a woodshed down the road from the trailhead:

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