MTP - Management Training Programs Available for Download

Mark Warren of Tesla², Inc. has been extremely generous in donating his formatted MTP manuals to the TWI Service community. Many people have referenced this fundamental material in their research about the Toyota Production System: Alan Robinson, Jim Huntzinger, Shigeo Shingo, Taiichi Ohno, Eji Toyoda, JITA reports and many, many others.

These manuals were used to train supervisors and managers in the Japanese post-WWII era. At a glance, there is not much that is special about this material. But with some knowledge and experience about TPS and Lean, one can gain some special insight into how leaders learned the fundamentals of making daily incremental improvements within the realm of their responsibility. I hope you take the time to download and review the manuals.

Within the 22 modules, you will find expanded Job Instruction (sessions 11 and 12) and Job Methods (sessions 14, 15, 16) training, which helps explain the special interest in the MTP program within the TWI community. But of course, wrapped with the context of the other 17 modules, these programs become essential in turning supervisory leaders into your first line of defense in the war on waste.

Enjoy, and thanks again Mark!



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