New Book Release - Toyota Culture by Liker & Hoseus

An excerpt from the McGraw Hill Professional website on the new book release by Liker and Hoseus, Toyota Culture:

Toyota has changed the economic and business landscape, and in The Toyota Way, Jeffrey K. Liker explained that this success was the result of consistently applying four key management principles for organizational excellence-Philosophy, People, Problem Solving, and Process. In Toyota Talent, authors Liker and Meier explained how people are trained to perform their jobs at exceptional levels. Now Liker and coauthor Mike Hoseus delve even deeper to explore how Toyota creates and maintains a culture that sustains consistent growth, innovation, profitability, and mutual prosperity between the company and its employees.

My pre-book review is this: Toyota Talent revealed the 60 year old foundational secret of how people are developed at Toyota using the skill of Job Instruction. If Toyota Culture does the same for the culture and philosophy side, the current Lean world has an important opportunity to step forward, relying less on "tools" to get results and begin to actually start learning about the process.



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