Standard Work Foundations

How do we build good habits in lean? Part of it begins with Job Instruction. The rest is managing to the standardized work in the area. This graphic of the JI-Standard Work connection should help folks understand better the need for JI when trying to establish Standardized Work.

Much of the lean literature today makes an attempt to address standard work. Unfortunately, there has been limited understanding of standard work for two reasons:

  1. TWI Service was decommissioned after the war, like all wartime production programs. This action wiped the service clean from industry just as it was gaining momentum. For example, the TWI Service was awarded "Industry's Award" for Job Instruction, upon the completion of the Millionth Man of Job Instruction. From the end of the war onward, Job Instructions quality control points were lost as people modified the program in to various forms of OJT.

  2. I imagine it would be difficult to "see" OJT, in the form of Job Instruction, in action at Toyota. It is much more exciting to discuss the tools of the Toyota Production System, such as small lot production, work cells, single minute exchange of dies, mistake proofing and Taguchi methods. When is the last time training got everyone riled up in your company?

The simple truth is that Job Instruction creates a thinking skill for people as they do their work. This helps us build the foundation for Standard Work, the success of which depends solely on the ability of people to do the following things, in this order:

  1. Create and adhere to work standards.

  2. Use standards first to analyze problems.

  3. Develop new methods, with an eye on how it affects work standards.

  4. Test new methods in a scientific manner relying on work standards.

  5. Lock in changes with Job Instruction and Standard Work combination tables

  6. Train people in the changes.

  7. Repeat the process forever.

This is something you simply don't "see" on the floor, and must be learned, practiced and mastered over time. See the Standard Work page at TWI Service for more info and download the graphic in this post so you may share with others.

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