Microsoft Office 2007 Command Converter - Heaping Waste

In the spirit of the ever lengthening Halloween-Thanksgiving-Christmas-Holiday season, I would like to spread a little joy around...

And what a joy it is in learning a practically brand new interface in Office 2007 just so I can get the same results obtained in 2003! The new ribbon menu does have a new, certain flavor to it, I think I detect a dash of "throw-my-laptop-out-the-window" in there.

If you are going through the conversion from Office 2003 to 2007, it's like a Lean journey, its endless. Except in this journey their is no pursuit of perfection. Instead, you are embarking on an endless journey for your favorite 2003 commands that have simply vanished, because someone had a great idea that 300 million icons needed a facelift.

Thankfully, Microsoft has sort of redeemed themselves, well o.k., not really. But they are trying by heaping some more waste on top of the 2007 cesspool. Follow this link to a Flash converter for your 2003 commands. When you click on the commands, the screen instantly switches over to a Flash animation of where that same command is in 2007. You won't recognize your long lost friends in the new 2007 neighborhood, but you sure will be glad you found them!

THANKS, Microsoft, for adding another whole layer of work to this infuriating suite!



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