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This week we dig into the next Get Ready point: Break Down the Job. Writing a job breakdown sheet (JBS) may seem simple and it is, after a few tries you get  better with pratice. Last week we posted CardHacks for creating timetables. Timetables, when done correctly, list the Job Breakdown Sheets along the top of the form. Once you see the workflow on the timetable it is time to get to work.

A few tips:

Stop thinking admin. Don't go into this thinking that the purpose is to replace your work instruction documents. Writing a document, or replacing one, is not the goal of the organization. The end result is that you dilute the effectiveness and purpose of Job Breakdown Sheets,

Don't write your JBS from behind a desk, go the genba with the person that knows the job better than anybody else. Better yet, write it with a team and compare notes,

Keep it simple. Important steps are best when they are verbs and nouns, or action+object. Don't get wordy, you already have work instructions.

Be open and ready to deal with people. If you have strong interpersonal skills, perhaps you are o.k. If not, it might help to familiarize yourself with the Job Relations skill. When you write Job Breakdown Sheets, you are likely going to find safety and quality problems that involve people. Writing a JBS, a ten minute step, is a small discovery phase in your lifetime lean journey. Discovery leads to commitment to improve. Be ready to take action!
Later this week, we will post some additional materials that support this important skill.

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