What is older than TWI? Apprenticeships!

A quick article at Oregon Manufacturing that highlights the success of revitalizing apprenticeship programs in the lumber industry. The exodus of baby boomers from industry is the primary driver behind this movement. You may be facing a similar problem. Most surprising is that an apprentice can be making up to $50K in their early 20's by end of the program with a company paid associates degree. A most impressive and altruistic approach in this economic downturn.

Interestingly enough, apprenticeship programs were around far longer than programmed on-the-job training approaches such as those like Job Instruction. However, the TWI-JI borrowed elements from the master-apprentice/teacher-student style relationships which are a hallmark feature of apprenticeships. I wonder if these apprenticeship programs employ Job Instruction skills as a means to train the apprentice?

More importantly, if apprenticeships can make a comeback, why can't TWI? I think the fast answer is, good solutions require from us to do the right things over the long haul (develop our people) vs. doing a half-ass job in the short term to get quick satisfaction and results (use our people).




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