Capitalism, Lean Production and a Political Quiz

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With all the garbage coming from the mouths of our politicians in recent years, (o.k., 100 years) I've been looking for alternative points of view on economics, politics and just stuff in general. You know, the stuff you won't hear on MSNBC, CBS, CNN - you know, thoughtful stuff.

Whether you agree or disagree with alternative viewpoints, they are worth a look so you can exercise your head muscle. Many people are out there waiting for you to discover them so that you may discover holes in your liberal and conservative views.

Kevin Carson is a research associate for the Center for a Stateless Society. He is a bit of a homebrew industrialist, a small lot advocate if you will, drawing lessons from the individuals point of view on the devastating effects corporate capitalism has on the individual. Interestingly enough, Carson seems to be a bit of a Leanster, you can check out this article here.

You can also check out other articles by Carson and other like minded individuals at the following websites:

Molinari Institute
Center for a Stateless Society
Ludvig Von Mises Institute

At the CSS website, I encourage you to take this Political Quiz. You may be surprised at the results! And I would encourage you to study more about the history of government and its role in the fall of societies, its lack of a role in societies that thrived, politics and really dig into some of the philosophies that may run contrary to popular political and economic thought.

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