Dealing with The Snuggie Devil

Funny article about an innovative trial service in an international hotel chain in England.

The basic idea is that the recent arctic cold snap resulted in unusually chilly beds - not exactly a warm welcome for travelers. Hotel management responded by offering to warm up the guests bed. Good idea...doesn't sound too bad, right?

Wrong...the bed warmer is a person - wrapped in one piece fleece suit and a hair net. Look, I already grapple with the fact that somebody I don't know was in my hotel bed the night before and I'm not always convinced that housekeeping went through my room as thoroughly as they should have...but all I can say about this idea is...EWWWW!

All I can imagine is this guy warming my bed:

Hotel management...did you know this is what the Snuggie Devil would make you do when you sold your soul to him?



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