Genba Problem Solving in Politics

Original article is here. Below is a snippet:

"Ald. Robert Fioretti (2nd) persuaded the Health Committee to ban possession of 'self-sealing plastic bags under two inches in either height or width,' after picking up 15of the bags on a recent Sunday afternoon stroll through a West Side park."

Somehow I think Mr. Fioretti hasn't quite grasped the situation with Chicago's drug problem. Stolling through the genba, he see's little Batman and Cabbage Patch kid snack bags, (knowing that they are used for drugs) but decides that the bags are the problem.

This is not unlike the depth and breadth of most problem solving in our plants today. Quick band-aids, we think we are getting closer to the problem, but all we are doing is causing our people to lose confidence in our leadership abilities. Chicago residents in Alderman Fioretti's ward, if you re-elect this guy....



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