Kaizen Teian Poll Results

I constantly test the waters with the following question: "what about a suggestion system?" only to be met with a sideways glance, slight rolling of the eyes and the nail in the coffin: "Suggestion systems don't work."

I posed a more detailed question on the TWI Blog. Results are below.

98% of total respondents think Kaizen Teian (suggestion or proposal system) is possible in the U.S., however...

38% of the total responses indicated an overhaul of management culture is required to make it so.

2% think Kaizen Teian is not feasible in the U.S.

Normally, the "Suggestion systems don't work." is followed up with, "a box on the wall doesn't make any improvements." I personally couldn't agree more that this style of suggestion system, with no active management-worker engagement, is doomed for failure. This helps explain the results of the poll: many people feel kaizen teian systems are possible in the U.S., but requires a different set of management behaviors to sustain the program.

Sample size 47 online respondents

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