Japanese T-Shirt Folding Video - Job Breakdown Sheet using TWI

A person recently challenged me to write a Job Breakdown sheet for the following job shown in this video:


Here is my Job Breakdown Sheet for this job. This took less time to write then it did for me to figure out how to fold the t-shirt correctly. Once I had it figured out, which took about 15 minutes of trial and error - referring to the video, it took about 5 minutes to write the JBS and about 5 minutes to train another person.

Remember, JBS are primarily for reminding the trainer to state and show all important steps, stress key points, and build conscientiousness into the trainee. It is not meant to replace the trainer. So for those of you who think this JBS is incomplete, sign up for a Job Instruction skill training course now before it is too late! Your training soul can still be saved!

The problem I find with many training videos is that it removes the human element of stressing the key points. For those of you that have figured this out cost effectively, congratulations. This video is poor also because the viewer must mirror every move in her mind, rather than focusing on the job. Another thing is that after trying to fold the t-shirt several times, I couldn't do it! I had to watch the video several times to pull out several key points: where to grab the shirt, speed of folding, specific hand movements, etc. Remember in Job Instruction training we learn the following, "Showing alone is not enough! How many thousands of people are being shown how to do something right now? How many of them understand precisely how to do it?"



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