Japanese T-shirt Folding Update - Job Instruction with video

In the last post, I revealed my response to a challenge I received from a colleague. That person was Vic Uzumeri, of the iPov eLearning Service Bureau. Vic and the staff at iPov are producing some cool stuff with training via video media. Folks at iPov integrated the Job Breakdown Sheet I wrote with a video demonstration of the job and some of the key points - and attached it into the trainer's aid section of the JBS. The flash video media is great for illustrating some of the key points. Click here to view the PDF version. There is another PDF version of the same file here.

The flexibility of the flash media and combining it with the JBS makes for a powerful tool in reminding people in the post training phase of the important steps, key points and reason why. Other interesting key points are speed of operation, etc. and the nice things is, you can see it actually happen. I suspect the human vs. video debate will rage on until "humanoids" are useful for training purposes, but for now this is the best video training I've seen because it is combined with the things people need to know. The flash media is great for some self correction if needed and it can be self paced. On the iPov website, you will see an infinite number of possibilities for this media application.

I must admit, I have some reservations about this media for Job Instruction because the temptation exists to sit the trainee down in front of a monitor and have them watch the video, which is hardly a comparable substitute for one-on-one training. But that isn't the video's fault, that's the trainer's fault.

"If the person hasn't learned, the instructor hasn't taught."

Like all tools, training aids must be used properly. The possibilities for this technology are endless, and I'm happy to see that someone can combine this technology with the JBS tools effectively. Thanks, Vic and folks at iPov!



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