Follow-up to Lean Jargon-Japanese Translations

I found this wordpress blog with some Japanese translations of common words that come from the Toyota Production system. I find the translations of Heijunka and the interpretation to be more accurate in that it describes Heijunka as "simulating demand" over a long period but leveling through that period. This assessment matches up better with the definition in Toyota Production System book published by IIE, versus the North American take on Heijunka as still panicking/reacting to customer orders as they come on a daily basis. Heijunka takes some forecasting into play and then locks in the number for a specific period, or so I'm told, but then levels production to smooth out the process and take control of QCDS. Anyway, thought you might find this person's hard work in learning Japanese and applying it to his studies useful for learning more about Lean and TPS.



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