Job Instruction Wire Source

Here is an online source for twisted lamp cord when doing the fire underwriter’s knot:

www.sundialwire.com. I think they are in New England. They make all kinds of wire that looks like cloth wire used on old appliances like fans and lamps. The website has some nice pictures of items people have restored using sundial wire.

For the fire underwriter's knot demonstration, I use 16 gage wire, priced at roughly $1.25 per foot. Some people like slightly thinner wire, like 18 or 20 gage, because it’s easier on the fingers when straightening the wire in Important Step 1, but I find the 16 ga doesn’t flop around as much; participants can follow along a bit better. I purchased about 20 feet of it two years ago and am still going strong with it. I can't remember if I paid a cut charge, but you certainly don't need a reel of this wire for JI sessions. You only need about 10-12 lengths, about a foot long each, so 20-25 feet is a good buy. Since it is a cotton braid, you will have to trim the ends occasionally as the fibers fray. This happens after you tie and retie underwriter knots hundreds of times! I've tried applying a little glue to the cut ends of cotton, dipping in wax, and even sintering the ends. None of these techniques really work well. The best approach is to trim them after three or four sessions if needed. One of the nice things about the JI program is the extremely low cost associated with the props and materials, the payoff is quick for this training.



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